PITX-SP is a small Intel Atom board by Kontron.

I use it as a NAS system based on Openmediavault. Kontron currently only provides a Linux system based on kernel 2.6.38 . It took a while to get a fully functional board with a current kernel, because Kontron applied some changes to it:

  • support for Intel USB Client Controller
  • support for Intel EMDG backlight
  • support for the Kontron CPLD, which is mounted onboard
  • some changes to enable ACPI (suspend mode etc.)
  • support for GPIOs (via CPLD)
These changes are not part of any official kernel. So I had to apply and adapt all changes (beside the USB client controller as I don't need it) to it. Additionally I added the non-fuse exfat driver and the latest Intel e1000e driver. You can download the patchfile for kernel 3.16 and the debian package for kernel 3.18.5 here.

linux-image-3.18.5_5_i386.deb20.02.2020Debian image of PITX-SP optimized linux kernel 3.18.5
IPSPR120.7z20.02.2020BIOS version 1.19 with updated Intel microcode (latest version)
linux-image-4.4.88_5_i386.deb20.02.2020Debian image of PITX-SP optimized linux kernel 4.4.88 (September 2017)
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