PITX-SP is a small Intel Atom board by Kontron.

I use it as a NAS system based on Openmediavault. Kontron currently only provides a Linux system based on kernel 2.6.38 . It took a while to get a fully functional board with a current kernel, because Kontron applied some changes to it:

  • support for Intel USB Client Controller
  • support for Intel EMDG backlight
  • support for the Kontron CPLD, which is mounted onboard
  • some changes to enable ACPI (suspend mode etc.)
  • support for GPIOs (via CPLD)
These changes are not part of any official kernel. So I had to apply and adapt all changes (beside the USB client controller as I don't need it) to it. Additionally I added the non-fuse exfat driver and the latest Intel e1000e driver. You can download the patchfile for kernel 3.16 and the debian package for kernel 3.18.5 here.

IPSPR120.7z10.05.2021BIOS version 1.19 with updated Intel microcode (latest version)
linux-image-5.10.202-13_i386.deb29.11.2023Debian image of PITX-SP optimized linux kernel 5.10.202 (Dec. 2023)
linux-image-3.18.5_5_i386.deb10.05.2021Debian image of PITX-SP optimized linux kernel 3.18.5
linux-image-4.4.88_5_i386.deb10.05.2021Debian image of PITX-SP optimized linux kernel 4.4.88 (September 2017)
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